Feature Artist: Peter Howlett

Feature Artist: Peter Howlett

"I had dreams of first nations ceremonies when I was a child. Ever since my early 20's I was fascinated with native art, culture and spirituality. I went to art galleries and was inspired by Norval Morrisseau. Now my own style is from my heart and my spirit. This is a painting of a thunderbird, which is part of my spirituality too.

I am also a survivor of the 60's scoop, and I have been sober from alcohol for 19 years as of January 1 2021. In my early 20's I started going to the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto. I drummed and sang on the big pow-wow drum, and went to feasts and socials there too."

artwork title: 'Thunderbird'

medium: Acrylic on Canvas
size: 38" x 38"
price: Please Contact Artist

Peter has been a regular at the store for years and it's always a pleasure to see his smiling face.  He has exhibited his vibrant and personal paintings extensively in and around Guelph, and we are very pleased to have this wonderful piece on display.

website: peterhowlett.weebly.com

email : peter.howlett1@gmail.com

phone:  519-836-2094

Selection of other work:

Peter howlett

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Norah Chaloner

Norah Chaloner

I love your work Peter. Many thanks for sharing your inspirations on your website. Let me know when you have a future show in Guelph, please. The one at the Miijiida was wonderful.

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