Feature Artist: Quinn Henderson

“I have been painting and working as an artist locally for the last few years and wanted to make something that was a snapshot of my own experience here in the city, and that of many of my peers. I took a photo of the old Ackers building after a night downtown playing a show with my band after the bars had closed and the streets had cleared. I always feel very calm and relaxed when the rest of the world has gone to sleep and I wanted to capture that silence in what most of us know as a busy place. A stoically simple monument of the downtown experience.”

artwork title: 'Drunk Dragon' (Ackers Building)
medium: oil & acrylic on panel
size: 24” x 36”

Quinn is a local artist whose work may be familiar to many of you through his murals scattered through the downtown. He continues to develop his craft and has been studying under a master over the last year or so. His new paintings show his talent, dedication, and keen eye.

email: quinn.henderson@hotmail.com

instagram: @quinn.henderson

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Quinn henderson

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