Feature Artist: Nancy MacNabb - Wyndham Art Supplies

“Painted at a time when Covid was a bit more than a rumour, I of course had little idea of what was coming. Perhaps now, this painting symbolizes our 'rising again'.”

Feature Artist: Nancy MacNabb

title: 'Joy'
size: 36” x 48”
medium: acrylic on canvas
price: $500 SOLD

Nancy has been a lovely familiar face around Wyndham Art Supplies over the years, a keen student of the Guelph School of Art and the first artist to show in our new Window Gallery at the front of the store. She is a retired physician and a largely self-taught artist. We loved having Nancy's painting in the window and are so pleased that it has found a new home!  You can read about Nancy and see more of her work on her new website:


email: nmacnabb@rogers.com

instagram: @nancymacnabb

Nancy macnabb

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