Feature Artist: Sarah Hughes

My work is the representation of an incomprehensible complex world. My compositions aim to bridge familiar and unfamiliar subject matter in order to make observable the chaotic instability in the everyday. My approach to painting is to use photography and memory to present both urban and psychological spaces: digital manipulation and painterly application; peripheral and fragmented; inhabitable and uninhabitable; special and confined. Each work seeks to remain in conflict in the process of creating illusions’ that both break down and persist.

Feature Artist: Sarah Hughes

artwork title: What's Around
medium: oil on canvas
size: 36" x 36"

I am from Guelph & am in my second year at the University of Ottawa.

The final year as an MFA candidate. I was accepted into this program as a painter and have since been pursuing large scale, performative drawings. Documentation in both photography and video are imperative as my drawings are ephemeral. For my midterm, I will be performing outside and the audience will be involved. Paper, charcoal and natural adhesives will be used. Honey & tree sap. I will be making the drawing with my body. A large scale fan & water will be applied as an example of the elements breaking down the piece. 

instagram: @mssarahpatricia

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