Feature Artist: Lyn Westfall

This painting comes from a series of paintings called My War Story II, which I completed to commemorate the death of my father, Flight Sergeant Wilfrid W. Lavers, RCAF, who died in WWII.
I was only 3 months old and he never got a chance to meet me.

45 years later, the well-known children’s book, L’Histoire de Babar, le petit elephant by Jean De Brunhoff, triggered a life- long quest, to discover my father’s War Story.

This painting is loaded with a number of references and painting styles:

  • A direct copy from a page of L’Histoire – flat cartoon-like painting
  • Monochromatic realism - the rose and the Wellington Bomber
  • Linear details of the Wellington Bomber
  • Historical documentation of the angel from a window found at the Runnymede War Memorial, England.

“il s’endort vite (FR) – “he’s fast asleep”

Feature Artist: Lyn Westfall

artwork title: L’Histoire III – 2011-2015 
medium: acrylic on canvas
size: 40" x 38"

Lyn Westfall is a visual artist living in Guelph, Ontario. Born in Windsor, Ontario and raised in Sarnia and Point Edward, Lyn entered the religious order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in London, Ontario, and remained a nun for 12 years. During this time she taught primary children, while studying Fine Arts at the University of Windsor. 

Lyn became a Visual Arts high school teacher while at the same time seriously pursuing her painting career. In 2011 and 2013 Lyn studied at the British Institute of Florence, Italy. Lyn's work is included in various collection throughout Canada, including Osgoode Hall, House of Providence, Art Gallery of Peel, Wilfrid Laurier University and Shell Canada (Calgary). 

Now retired from teaching, she continues her career as a visual artist in her studio at Boarding House Arts in Guelph, Ontario.

Website: https://www.lynwestfall.com/

instagram: @lynwestfall

Selection of Recent work

Lyn westfall

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