Feature Artist: Logan Soeder

Lolo (They/Them, Fae/Faer) is a fine artist, illustrator, developing muralist, writer and humanitarian residing in Kitchener, Ontario. Logan uses a variety of media to create their work. They prefer watercolour but will lean into a range of media, anything that gets the message across well. Logan has a passion for the forest and believes there are similarities of connectivity in a thriving forest ecosystem and thriving people. Logan has used forest connection in their journey to heal past trauma and reconnect with their family.

Feature Artist: Lolo (Logan) Soeder

artwork title: Silver Lichen Spirit on Lake Temagami
medium: Acrylic on birch panel
size: 36" x 30" 

Website: logansoeder.com
instagram: logansoederart

Selection of Recent work

Logan soeder

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