Feature Artist: Amber Ozols

This "let's start 2021 off with a fun one" vibe for this painting evaporated under the glow of my TV, oscillating between the broadcast of the insurrection and the January pandemic-related news. It was all a bit much.
I thought of my time spent in the greenhouses of Mexico City, where the temperature and plants were utterly splendid, and the city was bursting with colour on storefronts and residential buildings alike.
If this were in fact, The Darkest Timeline, to where might you want to escape?

Feature Artist: Amber Ozols

artwork title: The Darkest Timeline
medium: Oil on Canvas
size: 30" x 40" 
price: $3,800

Amber Ozols was born and raised in Guelph, and has studied studio art at Concordia University and holds a degree in Illustration from Sheridan College. Her murals can be found around Guelph and the GTA. In 2021 she was awarded grants from both The Canadian Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council to pursue her project “Personal Protective Visuals (PPV)”, a body of work inspired by the most recent available scientific data on what humans benefit from absorbing, visually. Amber has held a past position on the Guelph Arts Council, exhibited in Art On The Street as well as shows in Toronto such as The One Of A Kind Show, The Artist Project and Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Her favourite baked goods are blueberry danishes from Eric The Baker, lemon squares from With The Grain, and it’s been said that she has never declined trying a new IPA.

Her full portfolio and online shop can be found at www.AmberOzolsArt.com and www.instagram.com/amberozolsart

Selection of Recent work

Amber ozols

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