In the Window: Ama Liyanage

Her art is deeply rooted in her experiences as a Sri Lankan living in Canada and navigating colonial spaces. It seeks to challenge the prevailing, often one dimensional portrayals of women of colour which are predominantly centered around labor. In her creative journey, she has deliberately drawn inspiration from representations of white men and women in French and Dutch Impressionist art. This decision was not made lightly, but rather with the intent to add a thought-provoking layer to her work.

Feature Artist: Ama Liyanage

artwork title: In Plain Sight
medium: Watercolour on Hot Press Paper
size: 32” x 40”
price: $1,250

Ama Liyanage is a watercolor artist and printmaker crafting whimsical paintings from her home studio in Kitchener, ON. Having nurtured a fondness for jigsaw puzzles since her early years, Ama revels in the intricacies and hidden nuances that sometimes link her paintings together. She takes great pleasure in the thought of perceptive observers discovering the minuscule painted details in her artwork, each one narrating a story or invoking a touch of humor.

Instagram: @greyishteal

Selection of Recent work

Ama liyanage

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