In the Window: Sarah Fabrizi

 Feature Artist: Sarah Fabrizi

Sarah Fabrizi is a painter based in Guelph ON. She is a recent graduate of the Arts and Sciences program at the University of Guelph where she studied Studio Art and Biology. Fabrizi currently works at Wyndham Art Supplies, and occasionally teaches classes at the Guelph School of Art. Experimenting with colour, form and glazing techniques, she builds up layers to create a sense of hidden depth in her paintings. Repetition of the arch invites the viewer to peer deep into the paintings, as if through a window or portal. Reflective and mirror-like marks evoke self-awareness. Fabrizi distorts art historical references from the medieval and renaissance periods by ripping them apart and collaging imagery. 

artwork title: Verso
medium: Oil on canvas
size: 42" x 60"
price: $2800.00


Selection of Recent work

Sarah fabrizi

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