Holbein Acryla Gouache

Colour: Crimson D001A

Crimson D001A

Carmine D002A

Scarlet D003A

Opera D004A

Pink D005A

Rose D006A

Wine Red D007A

Cosmos Pink D008A

Pure Red D009A

Coral Red D010A

Shell Pink D011A

Vermillion D012A

Yellow D031A

Light Yellow D032A

Deep Yellow D033A

Lemon Yellow D034A

Orange D035A

Orange Yellow D036A

Cream Yellow D037A

Jaune Brillant D038A

Yellow Ochre D039A

Naples Yellow D040A

Light Apricot D041A

Ivory White D042A

Beige D043A

Green D061A

Light Green D062A

Deep Green D063A

Viridian D064A

Olive D065A

Sap Green D066A

Emerald Green D067A

Cobalt Green D068A

Ice Green D069A

Leaf Green D070A

Grass Green D071A

Blue Green D072A

Mint Green D073A

Misty Green D074A

Pale Lime D075A

Ultramarine Blue D091A

Ultramarine Deep D092A

Cobalt Blue D093A

Cerulean Blue D094A

Turquoise Blue D095A

Peacock Blue D096A

Sky Blue D097A

Navy Blue D098A

Aqua Blue D099A

Light Blue D100A

Misty Blue D101A

Horizon Blue D102A

Smalt Blue D103A

Pale Aqua D104A

Violet D111A

Deep Violet D112A

Red Violet D113A

Blue Violet D114A

Magenta D115A

Light Magenta D116A

Deep Magenta D117A

Lilac D118A

Rose Violet D119A

Burnt Sienna D131A

Raw Umber D132A

Burnt Umber D133A

Light Red Bright D134A

Sepia D135A

Jet Black D136A

Prussian Blue D105A

Jet Black 40ml D836A

Lamp Black D137A

Raw Sienna D138A

Titanium White D151A

Titanium White 40ml D851A

Chinese White D152A

Ash Rose D155A

Ash Green D157A

Ash Blue D158A

Neutral Grey#1 D161A

Neutral Grey#2 D162A

Neutral Grey#3 D163A

Neutral Grey #4 D164A

Gold D171C

Silver D172C

Bronze D173C

Pale Gold D181C

Metallic Red D182C

Metallic Yellow D183C

Metallic Green D184C

Metallic Blue D185C

Metallic Violet D186C

Metallic White D187C

Primary Yellow D191A

Primary White D194A

Luminous Red D195C

Luminous Green D198C

Luminous Lemon D197C

Luminous Orange D196C

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