Holbein Artists' Gouache

Colour: Alizarin Crimson G501C

Alizarin Crimson G501C

Carmine G502B

Geramium G503A

Cadmium Red G504E

Cadmium Red Deep G505E

Cadmium Red Purple G506E

Flame Red G507A

Brilliant Orange G508A

Pure Red G509C

Brilliant Pink G510B

Permanent Yellow G520A

Permanent Yellow Deep G521A

Permanent Yellow Orange G522A

Cadmium Yellow G523D

Cadmium Yellow Lemon G524D

Cadmium Yellow Orange G525D

Lemon Yellow G526A

Yellow Ochre G527A

Naples Yellow G528C

Naples Yellow Italian G529C

Jaune Brillant #1 G530C

Jaune Brillant #2 G531C

Marigold G532C

Leaf Green G540A

Permanent Green Light G541A

Permanent Green Deep G542A

Cadmium Green G543D

Cadmium Green Pale G544D

Emerald Green G545A

Olive Green G546B

Cyprus Green G547A

Dark Green G548A

Terre Verte G550A

Cobalt Green Pale G551E

Cadmium Green Deep G552D

Moss Green G553A

Turquoise Green G554A

Ash Green G555A

Phthalo Green G556B

Ice Blue G560A

Turquoise Blue G561B

Cerulean Blue G562G

Cobalt Blue G563D

Ultramarine Light G564A

Ultramarine Deep G565A

Prussian Blue G566A

Peacock Blue G567A

Katsura Blue G568B

Cobalt Turquoise G569D

Aqua Blue G570A

Pure Blue G571A

Navy Blue G572A

Smalt Blue G573A

Ash Blue G574A

Blue Violet G580B

Violet G581B

Magenta G582B

Cobalt Violet G583G

Opera G584B

Rose G585B

Iris G586B

Lilac G587B

Rose Violet G588C

Pink G589B

Sepia G600A

Raw Sienna G601A

Raw Umber G602A

Burnt Sienna G603A

Burnt Umber G604A

Chinese Orange G605C

Ivory Black G606A

Ivory Black G792A

Jet Black G607A

Jet Black G791A

Grey #1 G620A

Grey #2 G621A

Grey #3 G622A

Permanent White G630A

Permanent White G796A

Zinc White G631A

Pearl White G640C

Pearl Gold G641C

Pearl Copper G642C

Rich Gold G643C

Brilliant Gold G644D

Silver G645C

Brilliant Silver G646D

Primary Magenta G651A

Primary Yellow G652A

Primary Cyan G654A

Primary Black G658A

Primary White G659A

Tube Volume: 15ml
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