Schmincke Aquarell Watercolour Sets

  • $89.95

The selection of watercolour sets is particularly wide ranging, because watercolours are often used directly in the box with the practical, integrated mixing palette and because of their small size they can also be transported in the box. HORADAM® finest artists’ watercolours are available in a wide variety of configurations in solid metal boxes (half and full pans as well as 5 ml and 15 ml tubes) and also in fine wooden boxes. AKADEMIE® watercolours are also available in various sizes of metal boxes and in a plastic set.

The basis range of AKADEMIE® Aquarell includes colours designed for students, comprising 24 highly concentrated watercolours (mostly 4 and 5 star lightfastness). High-quality artists' pigments and an optimum binder combination (natural gum arabic) guarantee brilliant mixtures and good applicability, even on softer watercolour papers.