Schmincke Soft Pastel Sets

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Pastel painting has enjoyed great popularity for centuries, uniting drawing techniques with an intense colour effect. The extra-fine pastels by Schmincke are as soft as velvet and silk with a particularly soft and intense colour application as a result of their formulation and the traditional production technique. The colour spectrum of 400 shades allows limitless artistic possibilities, whether used in their pure form on specialist pastel paper, in mixed-media techniques or also - on the special Schmincke primers - on canvas. A professional range of fixatives ensures that the observer can also enjoy the unique results over a long period.

  • Each stick is handmade individually – colours that are as soft as velvet and silk 
  • Exceptionally strong colour application 
  • Best, highly concentrated artists’ pigments 
  • Minimum binder content 
  • Maximum lightfastness 
  • Unique colour mixtures and special colours  
Multi-Purpose Sets

10 Piece

  • White D, Perm Yellow 2 Light D, Orange light D, perm red 1 pale D, scarlet D, ultramarine deep D, may green D, gold ochre D, Vandyke brown D, cold grey B

15 Piece

  • Perm Yellow 1 Lemon D, Perm Yellow 3 Deep M, Brown Ocker H, Vandyke Brown D, English Red D, Vermilion D, Madder Lake D, Deep Violet H, Cobalt Blue Hue H,  Ultramarine Blue B, May Green/White M, May Green D, White D, Cold Grey O, Black D

30 Piece

  • permanent yellow 1 lemon D, permanent yellow 3 deep D, orange light D, orange deep D, permanent red 1 pale D, scarlet, permanent red 3 deep B, madder lake B, quinacridone violet B, purple 1 H, Prussian blue D, ultramarine deep D, cobalt blue hue D, bluish green D, cold green 1 B, leaf green 2 D, may green B, olive green 1 D, olive green deep B, leaf green deep B, neutral grey O, cobalt blue hue O, grey blue 1 D, cold grey B, Vandyke brown B, burnt green earth D, gold ochre D, ochre light O, flesh ochre O, caput mortuum pale O
Landscape Sets

15 Piece

  • white D, titanium yellow O, ochre light H, burnt green earth D, burnt Sienna D, may green B, olive green 1 D, leaf green deep D, greenish grey 2 B, neutral grey D, cobalt blue hue O, bluish violet O, reddish violet deep D, ultramarine light D, cold grey D

18 Piece

  • White D, Titanium Yellow O, Permanent Yellow Deep 3 H, Ochre Light D, Permanent Red Deep 3 B, English Red D, Caput Mortuum Deep B, Burnt Green Earth D, Neutral Gray D, Leaf Green Deep B, May Green B, Olive Green 1 D, Olive Green 1 O, Bluish Green M, Cobalt Blue Tone O, Ultramarine Light D O, Ultramarine Deep H, Deep Violet D

30 Piece

  • neutral grey O, sepia brown O, Pozzuoli earth O, ochre light M, ochre light O, permanent yellow 2 light M, permanent yellow 3 deep H, gold ochre D, flesh ochre B, caput mortuum deep B, permanent red 3 deep B, deep violet D, deep violet O, ultramarine light O, ultramarine deep M, ultramaine deep H, cobalt blue hue D, cobalt turquoise H, bluish green M, grey blue 1 B, olive green 1 O, may green M, olive green 2 D, mossy green 1 B, leaf green deep B, neutral grey G, neutral grey F, walnut brown B, reddish grey D, cold grey B