Schmincke Soft Pastels (B)

Colour: Reddish Violet 056 B (+b)

Reddish Violet 056 B (+b)

Reddish Violet 056 D

Reddish Violet 056 H (+w)

Reddish Violet 056 M (++w)

Reddish Violet 056 O (+++w)

Manganese Violet 052 B (+b)

Manganese Violet 052 D

Manganese Violet 052 H (+w)

Manganese Violet 052 M (++w)

Manganese Violet 052 O (+++w)

Deep Violet 059 B (+b)

Deep Violet 059 D

Deep Violet 059 H (+w)

Deep Violet 059 M (++w)

Deep Violet 059 O (+++w)

Bluish Violet 057 B (+b)

Bluish Violet 057 D

Bluish Violet 057 H (+w)

Bluish Violet 057 M (++w)

Bluish Violet 057 O (+++w)

Delft Blue 069 B (+b)

Delft Blue 069 D

Delft Blue 069 H (+w)

Delft Blue 069 M (++w)

Delft Blue 069 0 (+++w)

Ultramarine Deep 063 B (+b)

Ultramarine Deep 063 D

Ultramarine Deep 063 H (+w)

Ultramarine Deep 063 M (++w)

Ultramarine Deep 063 O (+++w)

Utramarine Light 062 B (+b)

Utramarine Light 062 D

Utramarine Light 062 H (+w)

Utramarine Light 062 M (++w)

Utramarine Light 062 O (+++w)

Cobalt Blue Hue 064 B (+b)

Cobalt Blue Hue 064 D

Cobalt Blue Hue 064 H (+w)

Cobalt Blue Hue 064 M (++w)

Cobalt Blue Hue 064 O (+++w)

Prussian Blue 066 B (+b)

Prussian Blue 066 D

Prussian Blue 066 H (+w)

Prussian Blue 066 M (++w)

Prussian Blue 066 O (+++w)

Phthalo Blue Deep 061 B (+b)

Phthalo Blue Deep 061 D

Phthalo Blue Deep 061 H (+w)

Phthalo Blue Deep 061 M (++w)

Phthalo Blue Deep 061 O (+++w)

Indigo Hue 067 B (+b)

Indigo Hue 067 D

Indigo Hue 067 H (+w)

Indigo Hue 067 M (++w)

Indigo Hue 067 O (+++w)

Bluish Green Deep 069 B (+b)

Bluish Green Deep 069 D

Bluish Green Deep 069 H (+w)

Bluish Green Deep 069 M (++w)

Bluish Green Deep 069 O (+++w)

Cerulean Blue 690 B (+b)

Cerulean Blue 690 D

Cerulean Blue 690 H (+w)

Cerulean Blue 690 M (++w)

Cerulean Blue 690 O (+++w)

Greenish Blue 065 B (+b)

Greenish Blue 065 D

Greenish Blue 065 H (+w)

Greenish Blue 065 M (++w)

Greenish Blue 065 O (+++O)

Cobalt Turquoise 650 B (+b)

Cobalt Turquoise 650 D

Cobalt Turquoise 650 H (+w)

Cobalt Turquoise 650 M (++w)

Cobalt Turquoise 650 O (+++w)

Bluish Green 068 B (+b)

Bluish Green 068 D

Bluish Green 068 H (+w)

Bluish Green 068 M (++w)

Bluish Green 068 O (+++w)

Light Green 071 B (+b)

Light Green 071 D

Light Green 071 H (+w)

Light Green 071 M (++w)

Light Green 071 O (+++w)

May Green 077 B (+b)

May Green 077 D

May Green 077 H (+w)

May Green 077 M (++w)

May Green 077 O (+++w)

Leaf Green 1 072 B (+b)

Leaf Green 1 072 D

Leaf Green 1 072 H (+w)

Leaf Green 1 072 M (++w)

Leaf Green 1 072 O (+++w)

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